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What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?

Anybody who tracks their positions with the same energy that we in the Search Engine Optimization community do will have seen some pretty dramatic transformations in the algorithm beginning with the recent google updates such as humming bird. Many websites are rocketing to the very best 10 which, of course, indicates that numerous websites are being dropped at once.

This upgrade appears to have revolved around three major areas: domain name age, backlinks and page-rank.

Domain name Age

It looks like Google is now giving a whole lot of weight to the age of a domain name and, in this Search Engine Optimization’s view, disproportionately thus. While the age of a domain name will surely be employed as an element in finding out how strong a business or website is, you’ll find many newer websites that supply some good info and advanced thoughts. Sadly lots of these websites got spanked in the past upgrade.

With this tangent I must state that Google’s use of domain name age in general is an excellent filter, permitting them to “sandbox” websites on day 1 to ensure they are not simply being started to rate immediately for terms. Remembering back to the “wild-west days” of Search Engine Optimization when rating a website was an issue of cramming keywords into content and utilizing questionable techniques to build links instantly I will truthfully say that including in this delay was an outstanding measure that guaranteed the gains of pouring outside domain names became tremendously limited. Therefore I approve of domain name age used to value a website to a certain extent.

The age should and usually has just had an extremely modest influence on a website’s standing together with the plethora of other variables overshadowing the website’s who is information. This seems to get transformed in the recent upgrade with age keeping a disproportionate fat. In a handful of cases it has resulted in old, less capable domain names to rank greater than newer websites of higher-quality.

This change in the rating algorithm will definitely be fixed as Google functions to increase the searchers encounter. We’ll enter into the “when” query under.


At the same time the way in which that backlinks are being computed and valued has found some adjustments in the newest upgrade. This assertion only strengthens the proven fact that adjustments are required. The way in which backlinks are being valued put more value on smaller but more relevant amounts and seems to get some grip on relevance. Websites with substantial, unfocused mutual link web directories are not outranking websites with less but more useful links. With this update “Quality over quantity” is clearly illustrated by google to be the dominant factor in strength of backlinks.


In the positive aspect of the equation, page-rank generally seems to have lost some of its significance like the need for PageRank as it regards the worthiness of a backlinks. While page-rank is a less than ideal computation area to much abuse and exploitation from those pesky people within the Search Engine Optimization community it did serve an objective and while it must be changed it doesn’t seem to have already been replaced with something of significant worth.A reasonably common notion has been that page-rank would be or will be replaced by TrustRank and Google wouldn’t give us a green bar to base a website’s trust on. Bearing this in mind one of a few things has occurred; possibly Google has determined the TrustRank is unimportant and therefore is page-rank and made a decision to trash both or they’ve changed the pounds from PageRank to TrustRank to varying degrees and therefore are just now sorting out the problems using their TrustRank computations (more probably). Problems which might have existed with TrustRank might not happen to be clear due to its weight in the total algorithm and with this specific shift reducing the need for PageRank the conditions that confront the TrustRank computations may properly be getting more obvious.

What to expect in the next few months

Google is making it harder to rank websites with spam backlinks. You now need quality backlinks relevant to your niche to get any benefits. Google is also leaning towards social signals so instead of spamming backlinks spamming twitter mentions and facebook likes could prove to be more effective.