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  • W are a company that deals only with the latest technology. From the simple content creation to appealing complex designs, we guarantee nothing other than quality.
  • Our business objective is customer first. We take your needs seriously and provide only the level of service worth your money.
  • We have been in business for a long time and have a success story to tell.
  • We always make our customers happy and give them discounts on bulk orders
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Without good content, your site may never be worthy for Search Engine Optimization. Content is not just what users are coming to see. It is also important to the Search Engine. It is important therefore to create good content from an SEO perspective as well as user-friendliness. We help you create the great content for your site, which will make it easy for ranking on Google Search.

If you are looking for a company that has great off-page SEO strategies, then you have landed on the right company. SEO Inch provide service in link building, social media and social bookmarking, all targeted to improve your website on Search Results.

We are the company that you need to generate your ranking report on time. We care about our customers so we are going to do our best to ensure that you get the right data at the right time.

  • Site Analyzing

  • On page SEO report / Error

  • Fix Errors and complete site on page SEO

  • Fix site errors, pages , codes, alignments, posts, images ect..

  • Blog page updates with Unique articles

  • Setup Google plus + Page

  • Setup Google business place

  • Twitter & Face book page

  • Finding proper 10 keywords

  • Changing keywords after off page seo started

  • PDF report for each 2 weeks

  • Google Analytic reports

  • Local SEO

  • Web master tool access

  • Custom reports


$99.00per 1 site


$149.00per 1 site



We will send you a quote as soon as we find your request. We value being on time and doing clean business.

Support is given through a well organized forum

Keyword research is one such an important aspect e take into seriousness. Your business cannot use just any keyword and expect to rank on Google. We help you find a perfect keyword and then make it your target. The hope is that you get the best keywords that are easy to rank on Search Google as well as less competitive.

Google Places is something you do not want to miss on your website. At SEO Inch, we will help you to build a solid Google Places, making it super easy to position your company the leader in your business niche in your location. We help you get the real benefit of associating and building a relationship in the local market.

Quality content is a number one factor that we consider when it comes to white hat back linking. You do need quality content to be able to attract natural links to your website. With SEO Inch, you will move from creating quality content to maximizing the value of every piece of content you publish online.

We have helped hundreds of customers with keyword analysis and rank tracking. That we have s many happy customers gives you an assured hope that the work will be done well. We guarantee nothing but quality.

We are the company that you need to generate your ranking report on time. We care about our customers so we are going to do our best to ensure that you get the right data at the right time.


What do our Customers saying about us?

  • I'm very happy with your services. I have an excellent website built from scratch and I'm 100% happy.
    Paul Simon // General Manager
  • I am always happy with SEO Inch. The team is always doing a great job to make sure that I succeed in online business. Thank you so much.
    Mary Keith
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