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What is Search Engine Optimization and how does it work?

Search engine optimization is a method used to prove your site’s worthiness to the search engines like Google. The search engines like google estimate the relevance of analyzing your content. SEO is all about proving that you worth to listed on the first page for the relevant search by a user.

What does search engines like Google look for?

Content: Search engines estimates your site’s content quality by checking your grammar, the title, the descriptions you put in your site. Having authority content gives you higher chances to get ranked.

Performance/Speed: Does your site loads fast? Yes, it also plays an important role in the SEO. Google checks your load up time and also deranks you if you’ve too many down times. We recommend you to check your website’s performance and if it isn’t fast enough, move to a better hosting.

User Experience/Bounce Rates: Bounce rate is determined by the number of visitors who leaves/navigates away from your website after visiting a page. Google thinks that your website is being hated by the people if you have a high bounce rate.

What do Search Engines HATE?

Bad SEO or trying to trick the search engines are going to hurt you. Some of the things search engines hate are listed below.a63cd9e38964634741a5a3fe89055308_XL

Keyword spamming: Using your keyword too often is hated by search engines. Never use the keyword too often. Instead, use your related keywords and it is advisable to maintain a keyword density of 2%.

Buying Backlinks: Search engines always look for high quality websites and ignore the low quality ones. Buying links is a sign of low quality content and those sites are automatically ignored by the search engines. Never buy links.

Suggestions to rank your website successfully:

Never forget the social signals!

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest can drive you a lot of traffic and the traffic from these sites will get you ranked faster because of its quality. Apart from the keyword strategies, off-site SEO is very crucial. You’ll also need to target the sites like LinkedIn and use Emails and Offline promotions such as radio and Television advertisements.

Pick the right domain name for your website.

Domains used to play a key role in the SEO before but, eventually Search Engines became smarter. Even though, having your keyword in your domain name is recommended.

Things to remember while selecting a domain:

Get a .com rather than a .me, .biz etc., the old domain names are better than the new ones as they’re well known and trusted. If you’re purchasing an old domain, please make sure if the previous owner didn’t do anything shady; you could get your domain penalized.

Having keyword in your domain name doesn’t mean you are going to get listed first. It’s just recommendable and will only help when compared to overall efforts.


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