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How to earn with micro niche sites.

How to earn with micro niche sites ?

In the online world, there are many opportunities of making money out there but one of the most rewarding of them all has been micro niche website blogging. how-to-make-money-niche-sitesSo for all those wondering what a micro niche website is, it refers to a website that is extremely specific. In other words it’s a website that has been designed to cater for a particular product or service. If, for example, you were to build a micro niche site you might focus on a specific home appliance such as a toaster or a microwave.

One of the greatest advantages of these sites is that they are very easy to maintain. If you are able to do your keyword research appropriately then ranking them number 1 on google for that particular product, will really not be that hard.

Depending with your monetization strategy these websites can be extremely powerful. There are many methods out there for monetizing your niche sites but I will show you a select few that have been proven to work effectively.

  1. Ad Marketing: If you are considering building a niche site, then this is one of the most popular options to date. It’s simple for starters since you only have to go to that particular site such as google adsense or Sign up, build an ad and then paste the code into your website. When a person visits your site and clicks on that ad, you simply get paid. Easy? Of course it is.
  2. Sell your own ads: another popular option would be to sell your own ads. Basically, all you need to do is tell the other company that you have a certain amount of traffic and you are willing to sell ad space for maybe $10 per month. It’s a great way to earn money but I would advise that you employ this strategy once you have a significant amount of traffic.
  3. Placing job boards: You may place job boards on your site, from other websites, of course with their consent. So how do you earn? You get paid when people click on those links to apply for jobs and you can also set your own rates for posting the jobs. It generally doesn’t provide a lot of income, but you still get to earn over less work done.
  4. Referrals: This generally means that all you need to do is refer people to certain sites to buy products and if they buy it within a particular period of time you get to earn a certain amount of commission from it. One popular site you can refer people to is Amazon. The best part about amazon is that if your page referred them to buy a book and instead they buy a toaster, you still get to earn a commission from it.
  5. Sell your own products: you can obtain products to sell on your websites and earn from it. Some of these products are like ebooks, membership site, forum etc. Unlike the rest of the methods, this one actually needs you to work hard at convincing your visitors to buy your products.

If you put any of these methods to work as well as focus on SEO, that’s the free and most targeted traffic, then you will be on your way to reporting substantial passive income at the end of every month.


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